× Terms of use ×

This page contains all rules that apply to the usage of Fushi Murasaki, both voicebank and character. 

If you still have questions regarding the use of this UTAU, feel free to contact me.

1. Do not redistribute

2. Do not claim ownership of this character and/or her voicebank

3. Do not create pitchloids of this voicebank

4. Please credit the author when using this voicebank

5. Do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character

6. Commercial usage is allowed with author's permission

7. You are allowed to ship this character with any UTAU you like

    7a. If you plan on shipping Fushi with a character that's not you own. Make sure you read the terms of use of the relevant UTAU.

8. R-18 content is allowed with author's permission