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Username: Yuunarii

Nickname: Yuu

D.O.B: January 6, 1997

Gender: Female

Nationality: Dutch 

Personality: INFJ

Relationship status: Single Forever alone ╥_╥

Likes: Helping others, Vocaloid, UTAU, Pokemon, cute things, yaoi, weird/wtf stuff, techno/electronic music, Touhou, eurobeat

Dislikes: Attention whores, show-off's, arrogant people, pushy people, jumpscares, kids, weeaboos, rap music

Favourite UTAU: Kuon Kono.

Favourite vocaloids: VY2 Yuuma & Nekomura Iroha

Favourite vocaloid song: too many..

Favourite producers: Giga-P & Neru

You can contact me on any of these sites as Yuunarii

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