Art Commissions


Working on

Slot 1: CLOSED 


Slot 2: CLOSED

Slot 3: CLOSED

Slot 4: CLOSED

✔  I will draw

  • Humans and human like characters
  • Any pairings/ships/couples
  • Simple designs
  • Original characters

✘  I won't draw

  • Animals
  • Furries
    (humans with animal ears and tails are OK though)
  • Muscular characters
  • Robots and vehicles
  • Excessive NSFW 


  • I only accept payment through Paypal
  • Commissions can be payed for in any currency
  • All money will be refunded if I decide to cancel your commission
  • If you wish to change aspects aspects of your commission while it's being worked on, additional payment might be charged
  • All commissions are payed for using invoices
  • I'll only start working on a commission if I've received (partial) payment
  • You're allowed to pay the commission price in parts
  • I'll send out the payment invoice to the person in slot 2 once the current commission is over 80% finished

General Rules

  • I'll message you once the final product is finished
  • I'll broadcast your entire commission during livestreams unless prohibited by Youtube's guidelines
  • Commissions can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to finish, depending on how busy I am with college

Ordering Rules

  • I only work on 1 commission at a time (slot 1)
  • 1 order = 1 drawing. Please split your commission in multiple orders if you want to commission multiple drawings
  • You can only place an order if there's a slot available

Art Rules

  • Don't edit any commissioned artwork without my permission
  • All commissioned artwork belongs to me
  • You are allowed to share the commissioned piece, as long as you give me credit
  • You are not allowed to make money off of commissioned artwork  



€1 - €3

€1 - €7

€3 - €13

70% of initial price

€1 - €10


€4 - €6

€6 - €12

€9 - €19

70% of initial price

Not Available

Flat Coloured

€5 - €7

€10 - €16

€16 - €26

70% of initial price

€5 - €30

Fully Shaded

€10 - €14

€20 - €28

€25 - €39

70% of initial price

€5 - €60

Total Commission Price 

Base price

This is the price charged for a single character. Please view the list above for price indications

Extra character


Each extra character you add to your commission will cost 70% of the original base price



You can choose to have a background with your commission. This price will heavily vary on what specific background you want.

E.g.: A simple patterned background would cost a lot less than a detailed landscape background

Paypal fee PayPal will automatically take a certain % as transaction fee
Conversion fee

PayPal brings a conversion fee into account if the currency used to pay for the commission is different from the my native currency (euros). This fee will not apply however if your native currency is euros as well.

NOTE: To avoid unnecessary conversion fees, it is highly recommended you pay me in your native currency.

Commission Procedure 

Step 1

Check if there's a free slot, if so you can place an order by filling in the commission form down below

Step 2  Fill in the form down below to place a commission. Once submitted, I usually respond within 24 hours.
  • What image type? Full body, half-body, headshot
  • What colour type? Sketch, Lineart, flat, etc.
  • What character(s)? Please include a reference to said character(s)
  • Overall setting? What's the overall setting like. Please give a description of what the picture should look like
  • Additional details which must be incorporated
  • Payment currency: Please tell me what currency you wish to pay me in (it is recommended to pay in your native currency
Step 3 I'll give you a quote on what the total price of the commission will be
Step 4 Once the commission in slot 1 is 80% cleared, you'll be send an invoice through email
Step 5 Once payment has been (partially) received, I'll start working on a rough sketched version of your commission. Based on whatever feedback you give me on the roughly sketched version, I'll make a new sketch. This process will repeat till you are satisfied with the sketch.
Step 6 When a sketch has been approved I'll start the lineart progress. I'll notify you once the commission has been completed. During this period you always have the opportunity to ask me for wips.
Step 7 The final piece will only be uploaded once full payment has been received (this only applies of the commissioner decided to partially pay for said commission)

Commission Form

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.