About Me




Hi there, I'm Yuunarii! I often go by the alias Yuu online.

I'm a 21 year old college/university student from the Netherlands, studying IT & Media Design. I make illustrated story video's alongside the occasional educational, review and tutorial videos. Owww yeah and I upload the occasional speedpaint as well. Aside from that I also enjoy drawing fanart.

I own two pet bunnies called Bailey and Fudge who I love very dearly. Sometimes they make a brief cameo in my video's ^^


I spend most of my spare time working on new videos. If I'm not though, I'm either taking care of Bailey and Fudge, drawing something, or playing some ACNL. Aside from that I also enjoy anything anime or cartoon related, plus I'm also quite into Touhou at the moment. Mainly the doujin music that spawns from it (why else do you think I'm making Doujin Circle reviews). Oww yeah and I'm quite a big fan of Yume Nikki.



...also eurobeat is life